Privileged Access Management for Cloud Environments

Centrify Privileged Access Management:
Don’t Let PAM Stall Your Cloud Transformation Projects

Cloud transformation projects have very aggressive timelines. This frequently results in IT having to cut corners to accommodate and Privileged Access Management (PAM) lagging, exposing you to increased risk. Traditional PAM solutions don’t help. They are designed for the data center and don’t easily fit cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios.

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Traditional PAM Can’t Keep Up

Traditional PAM solutions were designed to support IT infrastructure and enterprise directories in the same data center network. With IT infrastructure and workloads migrating to the cloud, these legacy solutions can’t naturally extend. This puts enormous pressure on IT to try and fit a square peg into a round hole. They struggle to preserve consistent administrator access, security, risk, audit, and compliance. You risk going live without the requisite PAM controls in place.

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Modern PAM Considerations

The cloud introduces additional use cases, attack surfaces, and risks that your PAM solution must accommodate. Many organizations use multiple cloud platforms, exacerbating the situation. New considerations include centralized PAM policy management across all hybrid IT assets; controlling access to the cloud provider front door – its management console; reducing local IAM privileged user account silos; continuously discovering virtual machines and automatically deploying PAM controls to bring them under management; adapting to an elastic compute environment; supporting a hybrid IT infrastructure without the pain of vault replication or complicated sync models; efficiently permitting admins to use their individual account to access infrastructure wherever it lives – the data center, DMZ, multiple VPCs, or multiple clouds – without directory replication.

Let Centrify Help

Centrify Cloud Suite leverages the native Centrify Platform to manage PAM policies centrally. As a SaaS service, it dovetails elegantly with your cloud environments, whether single cloud or multi-cloud. It aligns with your Zero Trust or zero standing privileges requirements, implementing a least privilege access control model that supports privilege elevation, just-in-time access requests, MFA on server login and privilege elevation, and host-based auditing, reporting, and session recording for proof of compliance and incident response.

With Centrify PAM, you can:

Centrally Manage Access

Simplify user authentication to servers from any directory service including Active Directory, LDAP, and cloud directories. Organizations can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without compromising the level of privileged access security and enterprise access they currently have on-premises.

Elevate Privilege

Consistent with a least-privilege approach to PAM, you can enable users to elevate privilege to run privileged applications and commands. Elevated privileges are sufficient only for the task at hand and provisioned for a limited time.

Audit and Record Privileged Session Activity

Provide auditors and incident response teams with the tools and data they need. Give auditors reports as well as privileged session recordings for visual proof that controls are in place and effective. Transcribe privileged sessions so your teams can use the resulting meta data to search within recorded sessions. Capture events on the host at the shell and process level for granular forensic-level details.

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