Secure Remote Access

Granular Remote Access Control Without a VPN

Provide your IT administration teams, outsourced IT, and third-party vendors with secure, granular access to critical infrastructure resources regardless of location and without the hassles and inherent risk of a virtual private network (VPN). Centrify Vault Suite enables secure remote access to data center and cloud-based infrastructures through a cloud-based service or on-premises deployment.

Secure Privileged Access for On-Site and Remote Administration

Grant your internal or outsourced administrators secure, context-aware access to a controlled set of servers and network devices.
Avoid managing third-party and outsourced IT users’ identities by leveraging SAML-based federation when accessing the Centrify Vault Suite.
Limit visibility and control access to specific data center and cloud-based resources without the increased risk of full VPN access.
Ensure there’s a legitimate human user (not a bot or a hacker) at the keyboard with risk-based, multi-factor authentication (MFA) during vault login.
Simplify with a single, secure access point to manage infrastructure on-prem or in the cloud, leveraging shared accounts or Active Directory accounts and least privilege.
Enable secure remote access to hybrid infrastructure for internal users, third-party vendors, and outsourced IT through a cloud service or on-premises deployment.
Secure Access to Servers

Secure Access to Servers, Network Devices and IaaS

IT users launch SSH and RDP sessions for resources directly from the Centrify Portal or familiar local clients.

Directory Secure Access for Employees

Secure Access for Employees and Third Parties — Remote and On-Site

With Centrify, you can authenticate your internal and outsourced IT users from your choice of identity providers, including Centrify Platform’s directory service, Active Directory, LDAP, or Azure AD. Streamline secure access for business partners and third-party vendors with SAML federation.

Permission and Policy Limit Access to Resources

Grant Access to Specific Resources

Unlike a VPN that exposes your entire network to users (including attackers), Centrify provides targeted access to surgically place the user on a specific system. Give your most privileged internal IT admins access to as much of your infrastructure as necessary while limiting access by an outsourced team to only the servers and network hardware their role requires.


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Internal or outsourced IT admins can log in and securely access resources from any location that can reach the Centrify Platform. Include more robust protection for user logins outside the corporate network by enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA) for increased identity assurance.

iphone with password checked out

Break-Glass Access to Passwords from a Mobile Device

Get controlled, emergency access to privileged account passwords from your mobile device enrolled in the Centrify Platform. Secured password checkout requires a PIN or fingerprint validation. Checked-out passwords are time-limited and automatically expire to minimize the risk of password misuse.

user risk

Strengthen Protection for Privileged Access to Critical Systems with Risk-Based MFA

Guard against cyber-attacks by combining risk-level with role-based access controls, user context, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Adaptive MFA uses artificial intelligence to compare the context of a user’s secure remote access request to a behavioral baseline to determine risk, and automate real-time decisions on whether to require MFA.

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