Cloud Privilege Elevation Service

Centrify Cloud Privilege Elevation Service minimizes risk exposure to cyber-attacks caused by individuals with too much privilege across elastic and on-prem infrastructure. The service streamlines identity assurance and just-in-time privileged access best practices, limiting potential damage from a security breach.


Consistent, Dynamic, and Automated Security Policy Management

Centrally create and dynamically apply roles and security policies that control privilege across hybrid cloud environments. Centrify’s policy management model delivers the flexibility to manage privilege the way your organization demands by creating relationships between users, job function, and system criticality that enables scale. Centrify’s continuous discovery monitors elastic infrastructure and automates enforcement of privileged access security policies globally.


Just-in-Time Privilege

Minimize risk with zero standing privileges. IT Administrators request a new role on a specific resource, access to privileged account credentials, or a privileged session — from anywhere — to obtain the rights they need to get their job done. Privileged access requests enable organizations to grant long-lived or temporary privileges and roles with a flexible, just-in-time model that accommodates business needs.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at Privilege Elevation

Elevating privilege should always require MFA for identity assurance. Validating that an authorized human is elevating privilege and not a malicious actor or bot leveraging stolen credentials can stop an attack in its tracks. Centrify delivers MFA for privileged access during system and vault login, password checkout, and privilege elevation with a broad range of built-in and third-party authenticators.

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