Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Risk-Based Access to Critical Systems

When needed, add an extra layer of security — based on a risk rating — to reduce the threat associated with compromised privileged credentials. Adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) for IT admins accessing Windows and Linux servers, elevating privilege, or leveraging privileged credentials enforces risk-based access control.

Guard Against Cyber Attacks

Stop in-progress attacks even when your privileged credentials are compromised.
Fortify privileged access management policies with behavior-based risk scores.
One solution enforces PCI DSS requirements for MFA across your enterprise.

Risk-Based Policies for Password Checkouts and Privileged Sessions

Identify anomalous behavior while it is happening by enforcing risk-aware policies for users who are logging into the vault, initiating a privileged session or checking out a password. Combining risk-aware policies with role-based access controls, user context and multi-factor authentication (MFA) enable intelligent, automated, real-time decisions on whether to grant privileged access. These dynamically enforced access policies grant the user access, prompt for a second factor of authentication, or block access completely.


Interoperability with Third-Party Authentication Methods

Centrify designed its adaptive MFA capabilities to work with existing investments in RSA, OATH-based tokens, and smartcards such as PIV/CAC. These can all be brought under Centrify’s centralized management and enforced across your enterprise.

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