Centrify Server Suite

Centrify Server Suite is the cross-platform Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that unifies policy management for Windows, Linux, and UNIX within Active Directory. It empowers organizations to globally govern privileged access through centrally managed policies consistently enforced on the server. With Server Suite, organizations minimize their attack surface by establishing trusted Active Directory machine identities and leveraging corporate identities for authentication, implementing least privilege just-in-time with MFA, and securing remote access while auditing everything.


Authentication Service

Simplify user authentication by centralizing identity, authentication, and access management for Linux and UNIX within Active Directory. Organizations can reduce their attack surface by consolidating identities and eliminating local accounts.


Privilege Elevation Service

Enforce the principle of least-privilege across Windows, Linux, and UNIX infrastructure to minimize the risk of a security breach. Administrators request privilege when they need it and if approved through the workflow process, it is granted for a limited amount of time and for a scoped set of systems.

diagram cloud audit monitoring service

Audit and Monitoring Service

Implement best practices for securing privileged access by auditing everything and tying activity to an individual identity. Organizations can identify abuse of privilege, thwart attacks, and easily prove regulatory compliance with a detailed audit trail and video recordings that capture all privileged activity.

When you get a clear picture of the breadth of capabilities Centrify Privileged Access Management solutions provide, you begin to understand just how many security check boxes it ticks. I’m still surprised at the number of issues I was able to address with just this single solution.

Matt Horn, IT Operations Manager, GSI

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