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Centrify’s modern Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution handles requestors that are not only human but also machines, services, and APIs. There will always be shared accounts for use in emergencies. Still, best practices recommend a single centrally managed identity for every user and that the principle of least privilege is applied. Privileged access management best practices are easy to follow with Centrify Authentication Service. The results are higher levels of identity assurance and a significantly reduced attack surface with fewer identity silos, redundant identities, and local accounts.

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Active Directory Bridging

Secure access to Linux and UNIX systems with the same identity services currently used to secure access to Windows systems. Centralize discovery, management, and user administration for Linux and UNIX systems to enable rapid identity consolidation into Active Directory.


Machine Identity & Credential Management

Centrally manage Windows and Linux machine identities and their credentials within Active Directory or the Centrify Directory Service to establish an enterprise root of trust for machine-to-machine authentication based on a centralized trust model.


Local Account & Group Management

Manage local system accounts the way you manage user accounts — in Active Directory. Instead of using multiple tools to provision, maintain, and decommission local accounts and groups, leverage Centrify Authentication Service. Save time and money with increased IT staff productivity.


Authentication Policy Management

With Centrify Zones, quickly consolidate disparate Linux and UNIX identities into Active Directory — without first rationalizing across identity silos. Centrify Zones enable privileged access management in heterogeneous environments by tying a user’s rights on Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems to a single identity.

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Group Policy Management

Manage authentication, privilege, and group policies for Linux and UNIX systems the same way you do for Windows. Use Active Directory group policy to automate firewall and SSH configuration, decide which users can connect to each system, drop inactive sessions and act as a network-based authentication.


MFA at System Login

Prevent attacks by cyber adversaries leveraging stolen credentials. Multi-factor authentication at login for Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems minimizes the risk of security breach and fulfills stringent regulatory requirements and industry mandates like PCI DSS and NIST 800-63A.

We needed to get away from admins having to use multiple IDs — or worse — sharing a common identity on the same box...Centrify has allowed us to accomplish all of our goals.

Scott Teipe, Manager of Information Security for GOGO, Inc.

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