Directory Service

Leverage Corporate Identities from Anywhere

Securing privileged access across distributed hybrid infrastructure often requires new identities and replication of identity infrastructure, resulting in more targets for attackers and an expanded attack surface. Centrify Platform’s directory service empowers IT and security teams to stop creating new identities, and focus on implementing security policies that control privileged access across dynamic environments – leveraging corporate identities.

Grant Privileged Access Without Creating New Identities

dia directory service

Centrify Platform’s directory service connects identity providers to enforce privileged access controls for individuals across hybrid infrastructure.

Simplify and Secure

Simply connect admins of one domain to another after M&A

Easily connect outsourced IT and partners

Ensure user access is terminated when employment ends


Leverage Identities from Any Identity Provider

Centrify Platform’s directory service integrates corporate directories, so organizations can streamline privileged access grants without the complexities of creating and managing new identity infrastructure or identities. Centrify’s PAM solutions request validation of credentials from the directory service, simplifying authentication processes. The directory service also leverages context returned by the identity provider to automate role assignments that grant privilege.


Speed Time to Productivity at Scale

Centrify Platform’s directory service manages authentication requests for the Centrify PAM products against any identity provider. This “virtual” directory service approach eliminates the need for synchronization schemes that increase in complexity as businesses add privileged users through partnerships or acquisitions. Granting admins the privilege they need to get their jobs done with accountability is simplified when identity providers handle authentication and group membership, while Centrify PAM solutions dynamically apply privileged access security policies.


Securely Grant All Users the Privilege They Need

Governing privileged access in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment becomes even more complicated as businesses grow through partnerships and outsourcing that introduce new identities. Centrify Platform’s directory service connects these new identity providers without requiring any consolidation. Centrify’s PAM solutions govern privileged access for outsourced admins and developers whose identities and groups continue to be managed by their employers. This ensures the responsibility of disabling an employee’s identity remains with the employer.

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