Unified Policy Management

Globally Govern Privileged Access Security Policies

Cloud transformation introduces new attack surfaces as organizations shift workloads and administrators’ access from on-premises to dynamic multi-cloud environments. Centrify Platform’s unified policy management globally governs and consistently communicates privileged access controls to systems for local enforcement — across elastic cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Consistently Enforce Privileged Access Controls

dia Unified Policy Management

Privileged access security policies are centrally defined and enforcement is automated across any environment.

Simplify and Secure

Simplify with centrally managed policies for all privileged access

Instantly enforce policies across elastic environments

Scale through dynamic policies that are context-aware

diagram policy pep platform trust

Establish Policy Definition and Enforcement Point Trust

Centrify Platform’s unified policy management empowers organizations to establish an authoritative policy repository and policy definition point (PDP) for all privileged access. Monitoring dynamic environments and enrolling discovered systems in the Platform as policy enforcement points (PEPs) eliminates gaps in security controls. PDP and PEPs leverage machine identities for mutual authentication and centralized policies from the Platform are pushed to trusted systems for local enforcement.

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Dynamically Apply Policies in Elastic Environments at Scale

Centrify’s automation capabilities adapt controls to secure continually changing environments. Centrify Platform groups systems with similar security requirements or business functions into a “set” that inherits shared privileged access security policies. Roles, permissions, and context-aware policies are applied to sets of systems to ensure a security baseline that scales with your elastic infrastructure. New infrastructure is dynamically added to the right set, and privileged access security policies are automatically applied.

diagram enterprise directory policy

Local Enforcement of Centrally Managed Policies

Centrify Client is a trusted PEP that retrieves policies from the Centrify Platform’s unified policy management service. It consistently enforces privileged access security controls on the host and provides comprehensive identity services without creating temporary new identities that look like malicious backdoors and raise security alerts. Humans and applications are dynamically granted access and privilege by the Centrify Client based on authoritative corporate identities and group memberships that control access to operating system services, files and folders.

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