Fulfill the Most Stringent Compliance Mandates

Centrify Privileged Access Management:
Keep Up with Evolving Compliance Requirements

Compliance requires proof that security controls are in place and doing their job. With the growth of identity-related data breaches, mandates and regulations have responded, requiring more robust privileged access management controls. Thus, having visibility across your users and IT infrastructure, whether on-premises or in multiple clouds, is essential.

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Don’t Let Digital Transformation Projects Reduce your Visibility

Many organizations are moving workloads to the cloud, whether a basic lift-and-shift or re-designing/re-platforming to take full advantage of the cloud economy, containers, and microservices. For many, this has also resulted in blind spots regarding blanket security controls and end-to-end auditing of privileged activity, putting them at risk of a breach and audit findings.

Even if you have solid PAM controls and auditing of privileged activity for your on-premises infrastructure, your PAM solution may not easily extend its reach to cloud-hosted workloads. Instead of forcing or running two different PAM stacks, you need a modern PAM solution designed for such hybrid IT models.

Let Centrify Help

Centrify PAM provides the trifecta of necessary capabilities from a single vendor through a single modern PAM stack. It includes privileged access controls for on-premises and cloud-hosted workloads, centralized policy and role management across the hybrid infrastructure, and cross-platform/cross-cloud auditing and session recording for centralized compliance auditing and reporting with no blind spots.

With Centrify PAM, you can:

Deploy PAM Controls Wherever They’re Needed

Centrify PAM controls access to your host systems, whether on-premises, in a private cloud, public cloud, or multi-cloud. It’s the same technology, so you get a consistent and predictable security blanket across your entire IT infrastructure to satisfy compliance requirements. You can enforce role-based access at the Vault Suite level and the host level for finer-grained access control and to ensure you don’t lose control should an attacker circumvent the vault.

Centrally Manage Access Control Policies

Having a single, centralized set of policies that govern access across all your IT assets is critical. It helps ensure complete visibility, consistency, and coverage.

Ensure Full Visibility into Privileged Activities

Log all privileged activity events at the vault level and the host level and automatically consolidate and correlate activity in a central audit store. This provides internal and external auditors with a centralized way to generate reports on user entitlements and user activity across all systems in the hybrid infrastructure.

Having a comprehensive view of user roles, rights, and privileged activities across Windows, Linux, UNIX, and network devices is challenging enough. This is compounded when that infrastructure spans the data center, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

Centrify PAM provides comprehensive auditing, reporting, and session recording.

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