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An estimated 80% of today’s breaches involve privileged access abuse (according to Forrester Research).

Not surprisingly, the use of a Zero Trust model has returned to the spotlight and seen huge growth in adoption. While, there are many starting points on the path to Zero Trust, all roads still lead to identity, and access controls are the lowest-hanging fruit.

Under a Zero Trust Privilege strategy, organizations can grant least privilege access by verifying who is requesting access, the context of the request, and the risk of the access environment.

As organizations grow and transform, they open new attack surfaces. You can decrease the likelihood of privilege being misused in your organization by including environments such as cloud, big data, DevOps, and others in a Zero Trust Privilege strategy, just as you do with on-premises resources.

To learn more, explore the Zero Trust Privilege For Dummies eBook for: 

  1. The basics of Zero Trust and the emergence of Zero Trust Privilege: what it is, why it’s needed, and its benefits
  2. Real-world use cases for Zero Trust Privilege in organizations of all sizes and industries
  3. How to assess your organization’s Zero Trust Privilege maturity level
  4. How to get started with Zero Trust Privilege
  5. The myths and realities of Zero Trust

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