Ohio’s Entertainers Utilizing the Elements

How do you keep your event fresh and engaged? Which specialty additions will people remember and connect with most? Everyday Corners of Creation works with astounding performance artists and skilled innovators that are passionate about their connections with others, and help deliver an unforgettable experience to any theme.

Living statues stay grounded to the earth, but possess quite a remarkable display of unique movement and powerful eye contact with anyone who should come into contact with them.

Aerialists and Movement Artists are the powerful force of the air element. They perform with a wide range of strength, flexibility, and gorgeous body formations.

The element of fire is mesmerizing and dedicated. With great awareness and soul, fire dancers will captivate your mind in an ethereal atmosphere.

Many of our entertainers work with the element of water such as mermaids, elegant servers, for tropical/pool-side events, bubble entertainment, and other beautiful forms of underwater movement and fun. Poet Lao-Tzu tells us that water “In expression, is honest. In confrontation, it stays gentle. In action, it aligns to timing.”

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