Corners of Creation, LLC is a specialty event entertainment company in Akron, Ohio, traveling around the U.S. to deliver an unforgettable experience to live events through variety entertainment offerings, as well as workshops.

Our entertainers are whimsical, heartwarming, comical, and compassionate, from fire and LED dancers, stilt-walkers, character actors, ballon artists, etc.

Mission: Providing personalized entertainment with inspiration to reach to the furthest corners of the imagination to see what can be found. We strive to build human connection and education through performing arts, storytelling, and skill sharing. Laugh with us. Learn with us. Get silly with us, and experience a wide variety of emotion with our offerings.

Director Biographies:

Kate, 27, from Erie, Pennsylvania, is a pianist of 23 years, and a graduate from the University of Akron.  She is actively involved in the arts community as Director of Flame Flame Festival in LaFayette, Georgia, and the Media Manager for the Flow Arts Institute as well as the apparel company, Modek. Kate’s specialty acts include multi- hula hoop acts, fire performances, and interactive characters.  When Kate is not performing, she loves travel and explore, finding great local food, and spending time with her animal babies, Anthony Flopkins and Indie.

Sam, 27,  from Uniontown, Ohio, is a juggler with specialty acts in poi, contact staff, staff juggling, buugeng, and character acting. As a young child, he played cello in the orchestra as a beginning taste of entering the arts. A curious individual, always picking up on different skills such as unicycling, stilt-walking, and more. Sam finds fulfillment as an event organizer and director for several flow arts events, where eager students and teachers come together for the weekend to take workshops, learn from each other, and build community. Sam recently became director of Fahrenheit Flow Arts held in Elkins, WV.

At the start of 2019, we made an incredible decision to expand our company beyond our duo of fire entertainment. We are now working with amazing artists all over NE, Ohio and beyond.

Meet the amazing performers available for you to book! Don’t see a service you’re looking for? Feel free to ask!

Brittney is an incredible stilt-walker, fire and LED performer, hula hoop artist, character actor, and many forms of variety circus entertainment. She can be found from great heights, blowing bubbles, high-fiving guests, and dancing with them. Brittney is also an ESL Teacher to students in China! She has performed at many large scale music festivals, the Texas State Fair, and many other unique opportunities!

Alex is his name, but he’ll also answer to Zesty. His movement background has been in martial arts mostly, but he has been interested in dance. Alex has a deep appreciation for all arts, and their ability to mirror society and expression. It’s the voice for the voiceless, and Alex sees himself as an interpreter. Alex performs with poi and contact staff, and has been working on a variety of skills like comedy, juggling, hula hoops, magic, and more!

Julia is Fire dancer, hula hoop artist, singer, actress, model, Circus entertainer, and Halloween/Horror enthusiast available to create a spectacle at your next event. She has been performing for a few years for other amazing, local entertainment companies in NE, Ohio, and has experience doing many shows at Cedar Point!

Tyler is a skilled juggler and object manipulator from Canton, Ohio! We are super excited to have him as a part of the team. Book Tyler for strolling or partner juggling, interactive entertainment with the kids and much more!

Leah is a beam of light that can make any event fun. She is an exceptional character actor, LED and Fire hula hoop artist, as well as variety circus entertainment and movement. She works with several entertainment companies in Ohio, and creates content through YouTube tutorials and teaching workshops.

Tristan is an elegant and sassy force that is constantly defying physics and mesmerizing guests with their hula hoop entertainment. Tristan performs with Fire and Smart LED Technology including various circus entertainment. Tristan has performed a lot of fun places with us, and on their own at festivals like Resonance Music and Arts Festival!

Maddy is a captivating, innovative fire and LED hula hoop artist, and circus entertainer. She creates with a variety of fun props, and is a source of wonder and joy. She loves to keep the crowd engaged with her sorcery and slick tricks! Maddy has worked with kids and adults on a variety of event themes.