Kate and Sam are traveling entertainers and instructors, residing in Northeast Ohio.  Available for performances, private lessons, or public workshops.

Inspired by Cirque Arts, and their peers, Kate and Sam combine movement with unique object manipulation to provide one-of-a-kind acts of variety circus entertainment that also includes character acting, stilt walking, musical acts, fire performances, and more!

Our Mission: Providing personalized entertainment inspiring those to reach toward the farthest corners of the imagination, and see what can be found. We strive to create a unique experience to celebrate some of the most pivotal moments in our lives. 

Artist Biographies:

Kate Starks


Kate, 26, was born in Erie, Pennsylvania.  She is a performing pianist of twenty years, and teaches music theory and composition to students of all ages. She is a graduate from the University of Akron in 2013.  Kate continued her journey into arts in 2013 with a Hula Hoop, and in the past 5 years has worked to create with as many art forms as possible. Kate loves musical theatre, unicycling, dance, and her lap dog, Indie, and fearless Maine Coon cat, Anthony Flopkins.

Kate was given the opportunity to be cast as an extra in the Netflix Original film “The Last Summer,” (releasing in June 2019) and travels around the U.S. with Sam to teach workshops, entertain, and devote time to the local and out-of-state art communities. Kate graduated from the University of Akron, and is also a paralegal, piano instructor, Director of Flame Festival,, and a new aunt!!!

Samuel Stefano:

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Sam, 26,  was born in Uniontown, Ohio. He first began object manipulation through juggling as a young child, and around 2011 began practicing with poi and buugeng. Sam also played Cello in his hometown orchestra. He has since evolved to pick up unique forms of art with triple staves, fans, and contact staff. Sam was also given the opportunity to be cast as an extra in the Netflix film “The Last Summer” Sam has taught a variety of workshops all over the U.S. with on stage performances with inspiring musicians! In Sam’s down time he loves to help organize events for the Flow Arts Institute, and share his love for the community and arts. Sam is currently finishing up his bachelor’s Degree at Kent State University for Business Administration.

Kate and Sam began their passions, before they even met each other, and combined their love of the arts, and entertainment to form Corners of Creation. They are constantly learning new art forms, and attending juggling conventions, retreats, and other classes to keep generating new ideas for their acts.


Check out our promo video to learn more about us!

A look back on  our travels for performances, festivals across the U.S. in  2016-2017 including inspiring practice sessions, and great moments!