Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Live performances with fire are mesmerizing and other-worldly to witness. To maintain this captivating experience for our clients, fire safety is paramount.  Learn more about how we conduct fire performances below.  


Our Safety Requirements for booking a Fire Performance:

1. Size of the venue; Venue must have the ability to create an appropriate perimeter for attendees, the performers, and space our fueling station/equipment. If an inside venue performance is desired, the venue must be inspected and approved for space, proper ventilation, and other preparations prior to the event.

2A well-constructed and safe fire performance area must be present with an open, and flat terrain for our performers if outside. Must be able to provide up to 1-2 hours of load in time prior to the event, where applicable, to prepare our stage/perimeter, fueling and safety depot.

3. Fabrics/Clothing for Costuming; It is imperative that our performance clothing be made of natural fibers (ex: 100% Cotton, Wool, Genuine Leather, Silk are all acceptable) but NEVER anything synthetic that will melt and transfer heat easily. (ex: Polyester, Nylon, Model, etc.)

4. Fire Safeties.  It is the duty of our trained safeties to observe our performers, the attendees, and the environment for any abrupt distractions, as well as prevent unsafe conditions with trained protocol in case of an accident.  All safeties will be provided by Corners of Creation only.  Safeties possess ABC fire extinguishers, duvetyne fire safety blankets, as well as our other safety equipment necessary for the showcase.

5. Performer’s Liability Insurance, Permits and/or licenses.  All performers carry specialty performer’s insurance policies to ensure additional safety precautions and coverage during fire performances. This information will be provided upon request, and prior to the event for your records.  In Ohio, fire performances must be approved in the form of a permit either by the State Fire Marshal, or through a Licensed Flame Effects Exhibitor.  Each state varies. This process is discussed upon booking.



This information is intended to demonstrate our experience in fire safety ONLY; 

DO NOT use any information listed on this page to attempt anything with fire.   Fire is inherently dangerous, and the performances that we provide come with years of training, specialty insurance, permitting, and a safety certification. Thank you for adhering to safety.